August 30, 2020

"Help Italy" Charity Worldwide Event

The world has been changed by Coronavirus, but it is also creating a new kind of love and harmony. Little Italy of New York is helping Italy in a big way by sending their love back to the country. The doors are shut in Little Italy – shops are closed and only a few stay open for takeout, but struggle to stay alive. What Little Italy was, is no more, as this thriving tourist attraction in New York is now silent. On the other side of the world, Italy has opened its shops but is still stricken with the virus. So, they decided to come together. New York’s Little Italy is bringing hope and prayers to its roots in Italy in a star-studded 2-hour extravaganza made up of the news, celebrity well wishes, interviews and music. The show will feature celebrities from around the world like Whoopi Goldberg, Al Bano, Tony Hadley, Ray Winston, Massi Furlong, Robert Davi, singers, and special guests as they go live on Monday, June 1, 2020.

The program will feature a segment with actress Holly Zuelle in the center of Little Italy New York and visiting the Cannoli King in Caffe Palermo, to share a heartfelt message to Italy. The Cannoli King will also be teaming up with Holly to donate his world-famous Cannoli’s, including Tiramisu sponsored by Bindi desserts and coffee to the frontline workers in New York City. This will happen live at Caffe Palermo during the broadcast to spread a little Italian love and thanks. The show was created to remember the first responders who gave their lives looking after others during this crisis and those who still are working on the frontlines. From doctors to nurses, cleaners and social workers and everyday people sharing their stories, to help them get through this unprecedented pandemic.

Help for Italy: from me to you, is a live charity broadcast that will be aired from London in association with, TV UK, Live Art TV (Monaco), and all related social media platforms. Founder, Rocco Buonvino has enjoyed many wonderful years in the film and television business working with some of the world’s biggest stars and is now able to give back by organizing this heartwarming event. New York viewers can see the live worldwide broadcast hosted by Rocco Buonvino and Rita Di Tuccio on Monday, June 1st at 2 PM on YouTube and Facebook 7:00 PM UK time.

The program is not seeking money but only asks you to donate your love during this unforgettable time.

HELP FOR ITALY: FROM ME TO YOU can be watched LIVE on the following channels

7 PM UK Time




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